Andros: Our History


Andros is the Northernmost island of the Greek Cyclades archipelago, made up of green mountainous regions, lush valleys, sandy beaches and access to the Aegean Sea. Standing 40 km long, its largest towns are currently Andros, Gavrio, Batsi and Ormos Korthiou.

Built into the steep hillside was the ancient capital Palaeopolis, the remains of its harbour can still be seen underwater today. Through antiquity, the Middle Ages, Ottoman Period and into Modern times, Andros has been a central figure in the history of the Greek Islands, its relics scattered all over the island in many forms.


Today, the island of Andros showcases its past in many cultural museums like the Archaeological Museum in Chora. However it has transformed in modern times to a vacationers paradise with more than one thing to keep holiday-goers coming back year after year. Today, guests of Andros flock to its beaches to sun tan, walk the waters edge, windsurf, swim and scuba dive.

Visitors and locals alike take to the hills to explore the vast amount of hiking trails via walking or mountain biking. Andros also has a rich tradition of Greek dining. As we like to say “In Greece people don’t eat to live, they live to eat!”


  • Agios Kyprianos
  • Kypri Beach
  • Agios Petros
  • Liopesi